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QikPROCEDURE is the brainchild of My Lean Business Coach Director and Best Selling Author of the Lean-Learnings series' Jason Tisbury. Through years of experience at the coal face and coaching businesses on the implementation of Lean Principles. The missing link to achieving lean? Documentation!

Our Vision

To help Australian businesses achieve all of their goals through the application of simple lean tools. To provide guidance and support to businesses on their lean journey.

Our Mission

We will empower our customers to transition their businesses into lean sustainable organisations. We will provide them with the tools to implement their own custom lean framework and set them on their lean journey.

Our Purpose

For too long, consultants and trainers have complicated the way we do business. Well it doesn't have to be. My Lean Business Coach are here to show you how you can do business simply without unnecessary complexity. Documentation has always been a challenge for businesses and it is becoming more so as we run our businesses without excess staff and resources. QikProcedure provides a quick, easy method of creating and maintaining your business systems.